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The first formalised Touch Football competition was South Sydney Touch Association in 1968 and it continued to grow. The New South Wales Touch Association was constituted in 1972 and at that point there were six competitions and approximately 1500 players.

In 1975, the Griffith Touch Association was established and is part of the WEST SOUTH WEST SUNS Region of NSW.

Over time Griffith Touch Association has been an important part of our local community with over 1500 participants playing in our local competition.  

Griffith Touch Association has been fortunate to produce some Region, State and National representative players in its time and have also had representation in the coaching ranks. 

The Club is in a stronger position and will continue to grow and build a positive culture within the community and look to build so that we have stability and strength in the future years.

Club Committee

Don Barbaro

Don Barbaro


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Viv Mogliotti

Viv Mogliotti

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Nadine Johns

Nadine Johns




Nick Altin

Nick Altin


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Life Members

Rosemary Risso

Rosemary Riso was nominated and awarded Life Membership of the GTA on 26th September 2012 at its 2012 AGM.

Rosemary Risso has been involved with touch going back to about 1990 or maybe even earlier, this being well over 20 years.

During this time Rosemary has also given service to both the GTA and GTRA, having played the sport, refereed, been on committees and given great service to the sport of Touch.

Rosemary has Refereed at Local, Regional and State Tournaments in the past and has been a great asset t the sport of Touch Football. Rosemary has not only been an asset at local Affiliate level but also Regional level, where in the past she was on the Regional committee / Board of management as well as being involved in coaching and managing teams at different sporting levels for the Region.

Rosemary has obtained her Level 2 Referees Badge and the following Coaching accreditations
1993 – Level 1 Coaching Certificate (N287/3290)
2003 – Level 2 Coaching Certificate (N283/510), [updated accreditation in 2007]
2006 – Referees Presenters course Level 1 (N86/475), [Referees generic course RRRC]

Those that know Rosemary, know that her passion is in coaching junior teams both at an Affiliate, Regional level and not all that long ago school teams that she was associated with; this passion is still relevant today.

More recently; in the past two years, Rosemary has also obtained accreditation to allow her to present Coaching Courses – obtaining her Level 2 Coaching Presenters Certificate, an asset for any Affiliate or Region.

Karren Johnston (Strachan)

Karren Johnston (Strachan) was nominated and awarded Life Membership of the GTA on 26th September 2012 at its 2012 AGM.

Karren Johnston (Strachan) has been involved with touch going back to about 1990 or maybe even a little earlier, this being well over 20 years.

During this time Karren has given service to both the GTA and GTRA, having played the sport, refereed, been on committees and given great service to the sport of Touch. Since July 2004 t Karren has been the GTA Administrator and the GTA contact person at the control tower during competition days.

Karren became a badged referee in the earlier 1990’s and later started attending NSW tournaments, she progressed through the Refereeing ranks and went on to obtain her State Level 4 blue badge at the NSWTA State Cup in 2003. Since that time she has attend a number of State and National Tournaments, the NTL’s – touch football’s National Tournaments numerous times, City v Country challengers and also been invited to attend Touch Football’s State of Origin on two occasions.

While attending the NTL’s she was upgraded to a level 5 red badge in 2004 then to a level 6 black badge in 2006 the highest ranking achievable, she was the first local Affiliate person to obtain a level 6 black badge.

Karren has Refereed at Affiliate, Regional, State and National Tournaments in the past and has been a great asset to our sport. Karren has also obtained accreditation as a Referee’s Level 1 presenter and coach.

Karren spends many countless hours doing the GTA competition administrative paperwork so that the GTA competitions organised are conducted as smoothly as possible. The Tuesday Junior competition is basically conducted by her from the smooth running of the competition through to the appointment of the Junior Referees. Karren is more than willing to put her hand up when required for the running of Junior Gala days and being a nominated Referee for a Junior Team so that the GTA’s junior players can achieve their dream of representing Griffith at NSWTA premier junior tournament – NSWTA Junior State Cup.

Involvement with the Griffith Touch Assoc. Inc. still continues today as the GTA’s administrator, player and Referee, she helps keep GTA organised as one of the better run Touch Football Associations. This person has been a roll model Referee, Player, Administrator and Coach, Karren has put a lot of time and effort back into the sport of Touch.

Nicholas Altin

Nicholas Altin was nominated and awarded Life Membership of the GTA on 28th September 2010 at its 2010 AGM.

Nicholas Altin has been involved with Griffith Touch since 1984 when he started as a player, then in 1991 he become a badged referee and soon after started attending NSW tournaments, he went on to obtain his state level 4 blue badge at the NSWTA state cup in 2001 then was nominated to attend the NTL’s – touch football’s National Tournament in 2002 which he still attends annually for both Seniors & Juniors.

While attending the NTL’s he was upgraded to a level 5 red badge in 2004 then to a level 6 black badge in 2009 the highest ranking achievable.

He has represented Griffith Touch as a referee at all our major state tournaments and even toured South Africa and the United Kingdom with the 2004 Masters Tour.

During all of this he has become a referee’s level 2 presenter and coach, which has allowed him to conduct level 1 and 2 referee courses in both Griffith and Southern Suns Region, with his new skill he was invited to join the Southern Suns Referee’s panel in 2003 where he assists in coaching and assessing referees at both Affiliate and Regional level.

In 2007 he obtained the NSW Blue’s award, given out to dedicated volunteers that contribute to the running of touch within NSW and in the same year obtained the Shining Star award from Southern Suns for his commitment to touch at a regional level.

He also spends many countless hours a year doing administrative paperwork organising the requirements of GTA members to attend various Tournaments, particularly GTA’s junior players to achieve their dream of representing Griffith at NSWTA premier junior tournament – NSWTA Junior State Cup.

He joined the Griffith Touch committee at the 2000 AGM and took over as treasurer just in time for the GST and continues today to help keep GTA viable and one of the best organised Touch Football Associations.

David ‘DJ’ Jones (Deceased)

David ‘DJ’ Jones was nominated and awarded Life Membership of the GTA on 28th September 2010 at its 2010 AGM.

David Jones has been helping sporting associations in Griffith for well over 20 years.

During that time Griffith Touch has been one association to be fortunate to have his services, he has always been helpful, willing to do what was asked of him and much more; from helping with GTA BBQs, attending GTA committee meetings, GTA could always rely on him to be available when help was required.

But the one job that players, referees and officials love him for is his role as our Affiliate medic and strapper, there have been hundreds of players and referees over the years to benefit from his experience and expertise and always looked to him for advice.

This man is a very humble person and GTA is lucky to have him in our ranks.

Frank Scarfone

Frank Scarfone was nominated and awarded Life Membership of the GTA at its 2003 AGM.

Frank began playing and refereeing touch in 1977 and continues to be actively involved in the sport to this day in both coaching and refereeing, he is currently a Level 4 Badged State Graded Referee.

Frank has been an accredited Level 1 touch coach since 1991 and has helped out with local junior teams over the years. He has always assisted in coaching and developing other referees both at junior and senior ranks. Frank has been actively involved in presenting numerous Level 1 referees courses since he obtained his Level 1 referees coaching / presenters certificate in 1993.

During Frank’s 27 years as a referee he has attended 16 State Cups, numerous Country Championships, State League titles and Regional Championships – both what was Riverina and is now known as Southern Suns. Frank is both active in refereeing at junior and senior tournaments, he was at one stage the only active officiating representative from the GTA’s refereeing ranks for many years. Since being graded as a State referee in 1997 Frank has attended numerous National Touch League Championships.

He has been on the GTA committee on many occasions and is currently on the GTA executive committee as DOR – a position that he has held for the past number of years; Frank has always been a good ambassador for the game of touch and for Griffith.

Some three years ago Frank was elected to Griffith Touch Referees Association Incorporated (GTRA) committee as President; a position that he still holds to date. Frank has strived hard, working up through the refereeing ranks to officiate in numerous grand finals. He has always been reliable and shows a definite passion for the game of touch, doing what is best for the future of touch and its success in Griffith.

Frank has also the honour of being a Life Member of both the GTA and GTRA respectively.

Brad Niven

Brad Niven has been a long term member of the GTA. He was nominated and awarded life membership at the 2002 AGM on the 19th of September.

Gary McClure

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Louie Forner

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Don Barbaro

Don had been President of the GTA from 1990 until 2002.

John Bonetti

John has been awarded life membership of both the GTRA in 1985 and the GTA in 1989, while also being honoured as a patron of the GTRA in 1986.
John also achieved another rare double in 1980 in which he refereed the Mens 35’s final at the Nationals, and played in the same division the following year with his team playing in the final.
Inaugural president of the GTRA in 1978 and held that position until 1986, he was actively involved as committee person from 1977 to 1992.

Dennis Duvey

Dennis holds the destinction of being a life member of both the GTA and GTRA, he was made a life member of the GTRA in 1989 and GTA in 1994. Dennis started refereeing in 1978 while he was still involved as a player and has officiated at numerous Tournaments some of which include Westmont Cup, Riverina & State Regional Championships, Country Championships and Country v City.

Dennis joined the GTA commitee in 1983 and held the position of director of referee for the GTA from 1984 -1988 & 1990-1997. Due to his involvement and tireless work in the sporting community he was awarded the Australia Day sportsperson of the year award in 1991.

Brenda Bowen

Foundation member of the GWTFA in 1978, and was awarded life membership of the GTA in 1989. Brenda was also selected in Riverina & Country Women’s Open teams in 1981, while also obtaining her State Referee grading later on.

Whilst being selected in numerous local, Riverina and Country Representative Teams as a player, she had also been involved in Touch as a coach and manager for local, Riverina, and Southern Suns Representative Teams.
Brenda had been involved with the running of touch in Griffith for more years than she cared to remember.

Shirley Buckle

Shirley was an founding member of the GWTFA in 1978, held various positions on the GWTFA & GTA during 79,80,82,83,84,and 1990 and was awarded life membership of GTA in 1978

Representation honours for Griffith include Women’s open, Open mixed, Over 27 women’s and Senior mixed divisions. Shirley also gained selection in Riverina & Country open Women’s teams in 1981.

Ted Scobie (Deceased)

Ted was an inaugural member of the GDTFA, being a tirless worker for the GTA in the role as the Association’s Publicity Officer for the GDTFA & GTA from 1975 to 1988. He was awarded life membership of the GTA in 1983 and sadly passed away in August 1989.

Also, a foundation member of the former Country Touch Association.

In 1990 Ted was honoured with the naming of the sporting grounds in Collina, Griffith – Ted Scobie Oval – where the GTA now conducts its Competitions.

Jenny McRae

Started playing in the inaugural women’s competition in 1978 and was a foundation commitee member of the GWTFA.
Jenny gained selection in the Australian Women’s open team in 1982.
Awarded life membership of the GTA in 1994. Jenny was involved with touch in Griffith as a committee member, administrator, player and coach since 1978.

Les Saddler

GTA President from 1977 to 1987 whilst also being involved on the GTA committee for a further 10 years and a NSWTA Blues award winner in 1992.

Les is still involved in Touch after 28 years, as a Selector at Regional and State Level.

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