8th Edition Rules
As you will notice there is a new version of rules this 2020/2021 season.
The major ones are;
– Start Match; at the start of a match winning the toss gets the captain choice of which end they want to run towards, which sub box they choose and if they want to start the half with the ball or start the second half with the ball.
– 7 Meters; the change from 5m minimum to 7m separation in play, this means to be onside it is at the 7m mark.
– Obstruction; the old shadowing or changing direction rule now doesn’t so much count for changing direction, it is for obstructing from an offside position.
– Zero Touch; if you take an intercept, the first touch with start at 0 touch.
– Sin Bin; decided that a player should be in the sin bin for 4 completed possessions.
– Drop Off Procedure; the procedure starts at 4v4 players, whoever defends to at the beginning of the game, now starts the drop off procedure. After 2 minutes the team that is winning, wins the game. If it is still a draw there is a pause, a drop to 3v3 and the game commences where it let off. The next to score wins the game! In a mixed game a max of 2 males. If a player is in the sinbin, it should be 4v3 to start the procedure.

Tony Trad, Touch Football Hall of Famer, goes through some videos to help explain all the changes. The above is only a basic description of some of the changes, please make yourself aware of all the changes.