* Each team must have a minimum of 11 players to a maximum of 14 players to nominate.

* Each team must have a minimum Level 1 badged team referee.  The team can still have a paid referee in addition to the team referee, this is to alleviate the incidents of paid referees not turning up & teams being excluded from the competition.

Team contacts are required to register their two referees via the following link:


* Full team nomination payment is required on registration night. (Senior Divisions only):

Men’s & Women’s: TBA

Mixed: TBA

Online payments will be received or EFT to GTA bank account (Email for bank account details), Team payments only for Monday & Wednesday competitions $1,200/team, NO individual payments

Please Note: Social distancing rules will apply and be enforced

* There will be no nominating division on this year’s forms. Teams will be graded on grading night Wednesday 17th November 202 commencing 7pm at Kidman Wayside Inn. GTA will be inviting some players along to assist with grading. (Senior Divisions only)


* Starting on time, Teams are given a warning siren before the start of the game that is when players should take the field for commencement of the game at the second siren not just wander down to suit you, it is your playing time you are missing out on & the referees will be directed that if teams are late to start the game the team will be penalised.

* Team sheets to be signed by each individual player, this is for your benefit to cover you for insurance in the event of an injured, it is the team’s responsibility that sign on sheets are signed by halftime.

As per GTA COVID-19 Safety Plan it is a Government regulation that every player signs the team sheets as a record of attendance for traceability in the event of an outbreak

* No jewellery to be worn during the game, again referees will be directed to ensure this is implemented.

* You are not allowed to play unregistered players, if you do so the game will be deemed a forfeit.

* Teams not fulfilling their commitment either by forfeiting or refereeing duties to a combined total of three occasions the Team will be dismissed from the Competition.  

* Finals to be decided by position on ladder not always top 4.

* Any complaints regarding competition must be in writing or emailed to



* Duty referees must mark their names off at tower, collect score cards & ball and be at the field prior to the first siren.

* If you cannot do your refereeing duty it is your responsibility to find an accredited replacement referee and inform the Director of Referees of the change.

* If a referee sends a player off it must be recorded on the official form as soon as practicable after the game.

* Any injuries sustained by a player must be recorded on the back of the team sheet by the referee.