For the GTA Summer Touch competitions to go ahead this year GTA has had to
develop a COVID Safe Policy and comply with NSW Health Guidelines.
All players must:
1. Arrive/Play/Leave. Please leave immediately after your game has finished.
Unfortunately, teams cannot have drinks at Ted Scobie Oval after the game
has finished.
2. Sign Team Sheet. GTA must keep accurate attendance records for NSW
Health. In the Tuesday Junior competition, the coach/manager can tick off
the player names on the sign on sheet.
3. Sanitise hands: Before/after game. There will be a sanitising station on every
4. Only one team allowed on each sideline. The Sub box has been extended
to the full length of the field. Practise social distancing while not on the field
by maintaining a physical distance of 1.5m from others.
5. Spectators are discouraged from attending the games. Spectators must
keep a physical distance of 1.5m and away from the sideline.
6. No Spitting, high fives or handshakes.
7. No sharing of water bottles.
8. Stay home if you are unwell or you have visited a Covid hotspot (eg Sydney/Melbourne)

NSW Health will be conducting random checks to see if GTA are following and
complying with Public Health Orders, fines apply for non-compliance. The onus to
keep the competition going is on ALL OF US. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow
COVID Safe Policy because if rules are not adhered to the touch football
competitions will have to be suspended or will cease to exist entirely for everyone.
Griffith Touch Committee